Chuck Steely Now A Yamaha Master Technician

Tradewind ‘s Chuck Steely has just returned from Atlanta as a freshly minted Yamaha Outboard Master Technician. Master Technician is the absolute highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain, and an elite few achieve this designation. Chuck, a 30-year Yamaha technician, is now one of only two Master Technicians in the Caribbean.

The Yamaha Outboard Master Technician programme is one of the industry’s most advanced training programs. Offered exclusively at Yamaha Marine training centers, it consists of 6 week-long courses that include classroom and hands-on training and advanced troubleshooting. In order to earn the designation of Master Technician, technicians must not only complete the training program, but also pass a final certification test which has pass rate of 12-14%!

Since Tradewind´s purchase by Nanny Cay, all its technicians undergo regular training and certification with Yamaha.

Tradewind Yachting Services is the British Virgin Islands´ top Yamaha outboard and inflatable dinghy sales facility.

The salesroom and full service engine and lower unit repair shop are located behind Genaker Cafe in the plaza at Nanny Cay. It is the official BVI dealer for Yamaha outboards and motorbikes and AB Inflatables.

Yamaha Master Technician

Yamaha Master Technician